Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Ugly Truth about Democratic Politicians

There's a Dem prez in office when a right-wing Supreme Court justice dies suddenly. The GOP first argue that they should get a conservative nominee, before deciding they won't even allow a hearing on the president's justice. The Dem prez could use the open seat as a rallying cry for liberals and progressives by nominating another female justice or a POC. Instead, Dem president nominates an old white conservative guy. A nice guy, but still very conservative. Dem supporters are confused and dispirited by the selection. Dem president has managed to not only capitulate to GOP in offering a conservative, but has split his own base. Smelling blood in the water, GOP capitalizes on this by both refusing to hold a hearing on the potential justice, and then saying they might hold one after the election if Hillary gets elected in order to prevent her from withdrawing the conservative justice. So the GOP, in effect, plays both sides of the issue to their advantage. Conversely, the Dems play no sides. They do not rally their base, they do not galvanize supporters, they try an inside the Beltway media campaign to shame the GOP. The strategy fizzles after two weeks b/c Dems do not reach out to their base and -once again- the person nominated is an old white Republican who does not inspire enthusiasm. GOP shamelessly runs hard to their base, lies about prez, lies about the Supreme Court nominee, reframes the argument, and then wins. Dems whine. Two yrs later, it's 2018 and there's still no strategy, still no rallying cry, still no attempt to inspire the progressive base, Dems react to bad news but let the GOP set all terms and rules of engagement. When a slightly progressive Dem Congresswoman tries to inspire the base to protest where ever they can, the Dems quickly divide, argue, and dissipate amongst themselves. Smelling blood in the water, GOP aims right for the weakness in their opponent's inability to speak to their base or even rally behind their own officials. They attack Dems for being uncivil, making the Dems more fearful of the GOP's wrath. Sorry, but Bill Clinton started this mess with welfare capitulating, Obama continued it, and the GOP are finishing it. Wash, rinse, repeat. One of these days someone is going to talk to the Dem party base in a plain simple message of what they want the nation to look like in the future. This person will win easily b/c the base is something Dems run away from, while the GOP builds.

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