Saturday, June 9, 2018

48 Hrs in DC (give or take a few hrs)


Wednesday started off with an early-morning workout at my gym in Brooklyn, hopping on an Amtrak to Washington DC, talking to my Lyft driver and co-passenger about "The Diamond Cutter" and planting mental imprints for success, going to the popular Founding Farmers for lunch, walking up Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, talking with the Rastafarian protestor posted up across the street from the gates, meeting up with Javier after work to check out the gospel/folk group The Campbell Bros at the Kennedy Center for a free afternoon concert, swinging over to Studio Theatre for the fantastic "The Remains," hanging out afterward with the play's co-star Maulik Pancholy as well as Ryan Spahn at Logan's Tavern, touring around the Dupont Area, going to another gay bar, getting into a 'passionate discussion' with one of the Christian proseltyzers who come to DC during Pride month to convert sinners, arguing about the meaning of the Prodigal Son story, talking about art and interdepent origination, and walking back through the empty streets of DC. Javier's dog -Jason Bourne- ate the cornbread leftovers I brought back from Founding Farmers for my human friend, but it was in a doggy bag, so....(I'll see myself out!).


Two great meetings with Studio Theatre and Wooly Mammoth. That was the bulk of my day and before I knew it 5 hrs had passed by. I walked up and down the National Mall, saw the provocative/profane/raunchy "Botticelli in the Fire" at Woolly Mammoth, exit out of the theatre to throngs of Washington Capital fans and the jumbotron set out in the street, Caps win, DC wins, the curse is broken, hallelujah, and...I'm sorry, what sport is that? I met up with Javier at a McDonald's. He was playing in a volleyball tournament. His team lost so he was hanging out with his other volleyball loving losers. We came back to his apartment and Jason Bourne had ripped through the garbage. Trash and coffee grounds were strewn all over the living room. After cleaning up, Javier took Jason for a walk. I went to sleep for a few hours, got up, and left on an early Friday morning train. Back to NYC. 

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