Thursday, April 5, 2018

On the 50th Anniversary of MLK's Assassination

On the 50th anniversary of MLK's assassination, an unarmed and disabled black man in Brooklyn was shot and killed by the police. Saheed Vassell was shot over 10 times by four cops on a street corner while holding a metal pipe. The officers did not try to disarm him, club him, tase him, or use any of their training on this Vassell, a father and son of the local community. It is hard to believe that four cops felt so threatened by a mentally disturbed man standing several yards away from them that their only recourse was to murder him. It is hard to think of these cop murders as isolated incidents when the same scenario keeps happening, the officers tell the same rote lies of feeling threatened, video evidence shows the same blatant falsehood to all of their claims, the state rules the crime as a murder, and then proceeds to let the officers go free.

 The very system that is ripping the planet apart was created to colonize the Western hemisphere by light-skinned European from different warring tribes. They succeeded in this genocide by convincing each other that they were all on some make-believe 'white team' that was 100% invented from thin air. This belief system has convinced a tiny group of people that everyone else not on this make-believe team of whiteness was and is inferior, and therefore the very ground which they land they stood on could be bought, owned, and stripped of life...just like brown bodies, and all in the name of a blue-eyed, gun-toting American Jesus.

Is there any question as to why #blacklivesmatter? The death of the black body is at the center of America's moral rot. The other systemic problems have been allowed to flourish because -time and time again- it is easier to get a group of poor white people to vote against their own interests than convince them to work with other poor brown and yellow people. It is easier to get the poorest states in the union (which are all Republican and in the South) that the fight to end class inequality and homophobia should not be taken up because it is will also help the historical monster of 'the evil nigger.' It is easier to convince white Christians to kill on Saturday and pray on Sunday because the savior is white, therefore God is white, and the state-sponsored destruction of black life is a loophole in the 10 commandments.

Until you stand up for #blacklivesmatters, you are just sitting down for a system which is going to destroy the planet, create an economic caste system, incite more radical white Christian terrorists, teach children superstitions instead of information, and kill people of color without regard. Police brutality isn't a glitch in the American dream. It's a highlighted feature.

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