Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Future of MAGA

One day MAGA hats and BlueLivesMatter slogans will sit alongside the political paraphernalia of George Wallace posters, Confederate flag plates, Dixiecrat bumper stickers, Willie Horton ads, and swastikas. And no one will remember wearing these hats, few will admit to voting in 2016, photos will be destroyed, posters will be rolled up and left in the attics.

If you doubt the cunning and baffling nature of 'shame amnesia,' remember that there are countless sweet old grandmothers that used to collect lynching postcards that commemorated the wholesome Americana of dismembering, disembowelling, black boys and girls. We are not talking about ghoulish-looking cretins in KKK robes, but quiet, pie-baking, grey-haired ladies with rolled stockings, as well as avuncular old men who love their grandkids.

Former debutantes and high school quarterbacks, library clerks, and the banal masses of men who would never curse in front of their mother, but might date rape a girl who 'was asking for it.' It's important to remember that repressive systems aren't propped up by monsters, but in the petty minds of small men who slither behind the props of patriotism and God.

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