Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Looking Back at LA

I'm back in NYC, but last August was my 3 month anniversary in LA month. FB reminded me of a post from the summer of 2016:

3-month LA anniversary!

So far it's been friendly, fun, and filled w/ sun. Living in a nice West Hollywood bungalow with a lot of space, a patio, and garden. Some mornings I walk outside and pick limes from the trees for my morning fruit salad before going to the gym. Opened and closed OBAMA-OLOGY at Skylight Theatre with a remarkable company, cast, director, and crew. I get to work on the Paramount lot in Hollywood on a great tv drama this fall. I've seen some great theatre, some good movies, but need to add more music. It seems like half of NYC theatre is out here hustling, earning enough to live off of artistic work, but also spread out over a wider geography. Without the cheap NYC pizza slice as a meal and dragging myself to the gym most mornings, I'm down 25 lbs. If I can lose another 25 by the end of the year then I'll be back to my high school wrestling weight and I guess that's...something.

 I miss NYC theatre and buddhist dharma community but that's out here. It just takes more effort to find it. I miss the condensed squalor and ruckus of 20 million people trying to fight/fuck/fuse into the belching molten trash volcano of civilization. I miss the pustulating and infected boil of western depravity that oozes out profanity, art, pornography, madness, and murder 24/7 (you can have that slogan for free NYC Tourism Board). But there is consolation in knowing that LA has just as much depraved decadence. It has its vaseline alleys and hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Plus a side of avocado. We'll see how this autumn plays out on the West Coast.

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