Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hate Rally in Charlottesville

What's going on in Charlottesville is what I expected. To repeat what I said after the election: 'I'm shocked that I'm not more shocked. I'm sad that I'm not more sad. The fair America you think you're defending...never existed. It's not dead. It was never alive.'

For 6 months I have been watching MSM bury a figment of its imagination. They have used this 'imagination nation' to accuse POC of not being positive enough to strive or smart enough to achieve. They have used this fake America to convince me that I'm crazy, lazy, un-patriotic or -best of all- that I am the one who is a reverse racist or the one who hates. For yrs, Blacks have been saying to college-educated whites 'you are living in a fantasy.' So now you bury your imaginary America. In Charlottesville, in Ferguson, in a Charlotte church's basement.  I was never the angry or crazy one. There is going to be a lot of suffering ahead. But not blindness. Not fantasies of that other America. 

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