Monday, April 24, 2017

Trumpgate and Russia: The Last 72 hrs

Indulging the lefty 'Conspiracy Brother' part of me for a minute b/c this is my blog, so why not? And I crave an eco-friendly, green socialism John LeCarre plot brought to life in 2017. So...

1. Twitter-verse of hackers and rogue gov workers have been going crazy with chatter the last 48 hrs. Many ppl seem to be gearing up for something big happening in the next week.

2.Pence cuts his Pacific trip a day short and is returning back on Tuesday.

3. Obama is doing his first public appearance this week. His first topic: leadership *cough cough*

4. former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates is getting ready to testify next week for the House Probe. Yates was fired by Trump for exposing Michael Flynn as a Russian operative. Former CIA chief James Clapper and John Brennan are also set to testify. They are not very fond of that Trump fellow.

5. Rep. Jason Chaffetz abruptly pulls a 'nah dawg' on his political future on the height of his power.

6. Koch-bought Senator Richard Burr (R) is refusing to sign intelligence committee letter to request Trump docs on Russia. He's trying to pull a 'Devin Nunes' and run interference, but it's a little like trying to stop a tidal wave with an umbrella. You can slow it down but there is too much info out there and too many different investigations to stop the 'Trump train' as it rides into the shit-belching volcano of corruption and treason.

7. On Friday Russian hacker Peter Yuryevich Levashov was arrested in Spain and will be extradited to the US by the Justice Dept. His botnet is a major component of the KGB's cyberwarfare against US and European governments. Levashov was also a key contact for Trump advisor Carter Page and his name was used in FISA warrant to monitor Page for his connections to Russian hackers in the midsts of the 2016 election.

8. Trump tweets his support for Marine Le Pen in the French elections. Le Pen has gotten huge loans from Russian bankers to run her French presidential campaign. Well, okay then.

9. Russian bots and hacking activity spikes in France during the last week of the election, similar to the spike in America before the November election.

10. President Donald 'I Love Wikileaks' Trump is now talking about charging Julian Assange. Wikileaks responded this weekend with the cyber equivalent of 'bitch please.'

11. Ivanka and Jared continue to 'sell luxury condos' to wealthy Russian and Chinese businessmen with no internet imprint and a variety of int'l shell companies. And Ivanka is moving into the West Wing and getting her own staff, so there goes your transparency and separation of Trump Inc. from Trump Gov.

And it hasn't even been 100 days yet! Could you imagine if just one of these things happened under Clinton? There would be 24-hr wall-to-wall, foaming-at-the-mouth coverage. The GOP would be catching the holy-ghost of Ayn Rand and speaking in tongues.

Okay...that's all the conspiracy links I got for today. Conspiracy Brother is taking a break.

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