Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hollywood Pitch

Me *pitch*
Junior Exec: Great. I just have to run this up the flag pole.

Me *pitching again*
Midlevel Exec: Great. Like those changes. I just have to run this up the ol' pole.

Me: *pitching again*
Senior Exec:'s really shaping up. So guess what we have to do?

Me: *pitching again with a slight twitch*
Super Senior Wizard Exec: This is so close. I just have to-

Me *pitching again, crying a little*
Studio Exec/Griffindor : I don't know about that 2nd act but let me run this up the mythical beast flagpole.

Me *pitching again, now cackling*
Putin: I really like these changes. I'm just gonna run this up the KGB flagpole.

Me *pitching in strait jacket*
Psychiatrist: He's not well. And I don't like his 3rd act. But let me run this up the Hippocratic Oath 'do no harm' flag pole.

Me *pitching in electroshock therapy*
Jesus: We're gonna need some more electricity. And a better love interest. But let me run this up the ontological flag pole of existence.

Me *pitching into the dark endless oblivion*
Oblivion: This is really great. You really incorporated all of the notes. But what if -and hear me out on this- we tweaked the tone a teensy bit and made it into "Lethal Weapon?"

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