Monday, July 25, 2016

Sandernistas at the DNC

Disclaimer: not condemning Sanders or Clinton, just trying to understand. 

When you promise people a revolution and get them to believe in something that had little chance of happening, you can't pull back and be like 'j/k people. Thanks for giving up a year of your life but let's no support the same ol' same ol that accused of being compromised' Words matter. There is a diehard faction of Bernie Sanders supporters who really did think this was going to be a revolution and they believed Clinton was the worst thing ever. They thought they were going to change the entire system through one candidate. And now they're being told they should just go back into the melting pot. In addition to that every move Clinton has made since cinching up the nomination has only confirmed the fears of some diehards who think she's going to blend back into the middle, which is double-down on with the VP nomination. And then the DNC emails confirmed conspiracist in addition to the on-going gripe about Superdelegates. So now we are here and fractured. And unlike the GOP, Dems care about free speech than showing a unified front. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

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