Monday, July 25, 2016

Protest at a Convention

Voting for Hilary. Don't need convincing. I know what's at stake.

BUT I don't like the conventional wisdom that states it's important to have a convention where everyone falls in line and cheers for the same thing. ZZZZ. Party conventions used to involve actual caucus, rancor, yelling, fighting, dealing, strong-arming, protests. And we did just fine with hashing things out. We have become more concerned with the optics of how something looks rather than what is actually going on. And this is how cable news and TV has made us more obsessed with the image of conformity rather than the messy process of democracy; the two things are actually completely separate. A political convention is a not a high school class photo. And maybe if people actually yelled and screamed and didn't have 'cheer whips' to orchestrate crowds like a tv sitcom audience things wouldn't feel so neat. Conformity for the sake of an image is more insidious and evil than rabble rousers and unreasonable screamers. And this holds true for both parties. Ted Cruz should be allowed to say what he wants without having his life (and wife) threatened.

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Lorenzo Williams said...

I agree with the author. It is not a pep rally. We are not choosing a Prom King and Queen. It is a convention to choose the nominee for the Democratic Party.

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