Saturday, December 20, 2014

Notice the Difference

Notice the difference?

A police officer is killed and everyone lines up, salutes, gives praise, vows to figure out how to never let this happen again, political parties unite, stop the violence, united front, the slain are highlighted in positive tones, on the other side of the country LAPD wears mourning strips on their badge, statements about 'assassination,' called 'killers' and murderers. The news notes the unfair tragedy at man discriminating and committing violence against one group, 'every person should feel like they were attacked' according to officials.


Unarmed black 7-year-old or 12-year-old or 17-year-old is killed by cops: they were a thug, blacks need to be better parents, look into his records to find anything condemning, blame parents, millions donated to cops, police union expresses no remorse or even concern for murdered kids, racist come out of the woodworks to find excuses, and the grand jury never indicts anyone. Oh and the killers end up millionaires.

They say now is not the time for politics, while police officers turn their back on the mayor, tweet threats, and claim that blood is on the hands of everyone from Al Sharpton to Obama for saying that America has a problem with racism. The president is responsible for a crazy lone gunman...and yet no politician, leader, or chief is ever responsible for cops killing black lives. Not even the cops. We live in a society where insane people are held to a higher standard that trained and licensed public officers.

Notice the difference? You better, because the continuation of the inequality depends upon blindness. 

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