Friday, December 5, 2014

I Can Breathe Pt. 3

*Eavesdropping on an uptown subway at 7am*
A Black man in construction boots comes and sits down next to Black man in a red leather jacket.
Construction (opening newspaper): damn, man. 
Red Leather: Yeah.
Construction: It's could happen to me. 
Red Leather: It could happen to any one of us. 
Construction: Damn.
Red Leather (suddenly irritated): We need to stop worrying about material things like what clothes and shoes we're wearing and start....(trails off)
They sit in silence for a few moments. Man in leather jacket turns away from him. His eyes are red and glassy. He looks at me. I can't tell whether he's sleepy or weary. 

I get off at the 72nd Street stop.

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