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Get What You Want: November 2014

NYMF: New Link Project
Deadline: Nov. 4th
website: http://nymf.org/get-involved/submit-show/

The largest annual musical theatre event in the nation is now accepting submissions for the 2015 Next Link Project!
Are you a musical theatre writer? Have you written a show that you'd like to produce in New York? Submit your show today to the New York Musical Theatre Festival’s Next Link Project!
The Next Link Project is NYMF’s primary writer service program. It empowers emerging musical theater writing teams by providing entrepreneurial training, career networking opportunities, dramaturgical support, and other services, culminating in a subsidized production in the Festival. The Next Link Project is open to any writer – produced or unproduced, with or without agency representation.
Next Link Project participants receive the following benefits:
-A $5,000 subsidy towards their production at NYMF 2015
-Additional savings in production fees, and discounted technical and marketing support
-Dramaturgical support
-Seminars and workshops geared toward helping them successfully prepare, present, and promote their NYMF production
-Access to exclusive industry networking events
The following application materials are required as electronic files:
Complete script (PDF files only, please)
Demo recording, containing at least 75% of the songs in the show,
2-3 page synopsis,
Script sample consisting of 15 consecutive pages,
Author bios and Production History

Levitt Artists Residency (Williams College)
Deadline: Nov. 7th
website: https://commonspace.calarts.edu/announcement/details/184-levitt-interdisciplinary-teaching-artist-residency-at-williams-college

Williams College offers the Levitt Artist Residency every year.  The candidate can be nominated from any of the five arts departments on campus; studio art, theater, music, dance and creative writing. Visual artists who are interest in the position may start sending materials to the art department:

Beverly Sylvester
Administrative Assistant

The Levitt Residency

The Arthur Levitt Jr. ’52 Artist-in-Residence will be an emerging artist,
near the beginning of his/her career, recruited each year to the College
with an aim toward stimulating new perspectives and cooperative endeavors
among the studio arts, music, theatre, dance, and creative writing. He or
she will be someone of rising prominence in the arts whose work reflects the
approaches of two or more of the arts departments. The appointment will
involve a mixture of teaching, projects involving faculty and students, and
public exhibition or performance.

This program was established to complement the existing arts faculty with
visiting visual artists, dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers,
directors, actors, designers, and writers of fiction, poetry, plays or
cinema. By the nature of their work, the candidates should foster
collaboration and synergy between at least two of the arts programs at
Williams. Team-teaching with permanent faculty members from other arts
disciplines and the cross-listing of courses is encouraged, as is involving
students in creative productions, performances or installations.

Terms of Appointment

The Levitt Artists-in-Residence are appointed at 0.5 FTE (with full
benefits) for teaching two regular semester courses or the equivalent. The
salary is set at approximately half of a starting assistant professor’s
annual salary. Additional compensation is occasionally available if, for
example, the visitor also teaches a Winter Study course, works with an
ensemble, stages a production with Williams students, or oversees an exhibit
installation, etc. The specific FTE allocation and salary level will be
determined by the departments/programs in full consultation with the dean of
the faculty’s office.

Ideally, the Levitt Fellows relocate to Williamstown for the duration of
their appointment, rather than commuting once or twice a week just to teach.
They are eligible for faculty housing and are provided with office space and
a computer. The host departments should also be prepared to provide studio,
stage, or rehearsal space as needed.

Applicants should submit their materials to Ms. Sylvester, via email, in the
form of a pdf file which includes:
• resume
• Work:  They need to format both text and picture files as pdf, maximum
size 200mg.  We will watch three mins of moving footage and experience has
proven that providing a link to vimeo or youtube is best.  (Movies with
running times longer than three mins. should be accompanied by start and
stop times.) If  the movie can be imbedded into a 200mg pdf, that is fine.  
• Two sample course descriptions of potential classes to be taught, as a
Levitt Fellow.

This year the deadline for receipt of materials is November 7, 2014

Sundance Theatre Lab
Deadline: Nov. 15th
website: http://www.sundance.org/programs/theatre-lab-guidelines/

Guidelines and application for the 2015 Theatre Lab are available below. The deadline for application is November 15, 2014 at 11:59pm EST.


The Theatre Lab welcomes applications for projects at any stage of development. Submitted work cannot have been previously produced, but may have received prior workshops or readings. In addition, projects scheduled to start rehearsals for a professional production before October 26, 2015 are not eligible due to our agreement with Actors' Equity Association. Commissioned work is eligible for submission; however, playwrights must obtain written permission from their commissioning organization prior to applying.
Playwrights, directors, composers, ensembles, performance artists, or choreographers may submit applications. Playwright/director teams are permitted and encouraged to apply together; however, if you do not have a director attached to your project, please note that Sundance Institute will help to match you up with a director if your play is selected for inclusion in the Theatre Lab. Director-driven projects are also welcome to apply.
Sundance Institute is interested in both established and emerging theatre artists, as well as artists making a transition from areas outside of theatre. We welcome solo performers and projects for young audiences.
NOTE: Artists may only submit one application. Previous applicants may re-apply, but not with previously submitted material.

Project Selection

Through open submissions, we consider an estimated 800+ projects. Sundance Institute looks for original, compelling human stories that reflect the independent vision of the theatre artist. We are interested in supporting a diverse and daring group of theatre artists who tell unique stories, present material in a new form, or conceptualize existing material with an innovative vision. We look for writers and collaborators who are interested in genuinely exploring their material. The Theatre Lab is more than a place to "rehearse"; it is an environment that encourages and supports risk-taking, experimentation, and rigorous re-writing and re-imagining. In order for Sundance Institute to fully evaluate your submission, we require a 1-2 page artistic statement as part of the application (see below for additional information).

What Sundance Institute Provides

The Sundance Institute Theatre Program provides professional actors, dramaturgs, rehearsal space, and stage management for the collaborative team working on each project. Projects rehearse on alternating days, giving writers the opportunity to rewrite or regroup when they're not in rehearsal. At the end of the Theatre Lab, projects will culminate in an informal presentation for the Lab community only, followed by an artist-led conversation with Sundance Institute artistic staff and/or guest Creative Advisors.
Each full-time Fellow (playwright, director, or other creative collaborator) receives a $1500 honorarium and a company of actors (if applicable), selected by Sundance Institute in collaboration with the Fellows, to support their project. Actors are selected for their professionalism, versatility, and suitability for the development process. Actors operate on a Special Agreement with Actors' Equity Association during the Theatre Lab.
Dramaturgy at Sundance is tailored individually to the needs of the play. Once a project is accepted to the Lab, the generative artists have an opportunity to discuss what kind of dramaturgical support (and how much) best suits them. Sundance dramaturgs, who have wide experience in the realm of new play development, are uniquely qualified to provide engaged, considered, and empowering guidance to the projects during the Theatre Labs, to offer fresh perspectives on the work at hand, and to ensure the privacy of the participating artist's independent vision. The Theatre Lab sees itself as a complement to, not a replacement of, any pre-existing developmental relationships participating artists may have on a given project, and is sensitive to the process of "passing the baton" at the conclusion of the Theatre Lab.
We strongly encourage that each rehearsal room is open to members of the Lab community for quiet observation. If you do not feel comfortable allowing colleagues to observe your rehearsal process, the Sundance Institute Theatre Program may not be the most appropriate place for you.

Giving Back to Sundance Institute

Sundance Institute was founded by Robert Redford as a way to give back, to support other film and theatre artists by providing them with an opportunity to develop their projects and skills. Sundance Institute does not accept royalties on projects supported by the Theatre Program. Artists own their work fully, but are required to publish Sundance Institute's logo, bio, staff listing, and credit:
"[Title of Project] was developed, in part, at the
2015 Sundance Institute Theatre Lab"
This credit is required on the title page of all printed materials of future readings, workshops, productions, recordings, and publications of their projects. This and other requirements are detailed in a Memo of Understanding that Sundance Institute enters into with the generators of each project. Please call the Theatre Program at (646) 822-9564 with any questions.

How to Apply

Complete the online application form and upload your materials electronically. After submitting your materials online, you will receive an email confirmation. Materials to include:
  • Script Draft of your play or musical (unprotected Word or PDF document).
  • Artistic Statement (If applying as a playwright/director team, we require a statement from both the playwright and director).
  • IMPORTANT: Describe the status of the project, including prior readings and workshops, and what you hope to accomplish at the Lab. Include comments on the content, style of the piece, and the team's objectives for the workshop.
  • Resumes/Bios for each member of the creative team.
  • Cast breakdown. Please make sure to include ages, ethnicities and any other information that would be pertinent to the casting process.
  • Letter of acknowledgement from a commissioning organization (if applicable).
  • Uploadable .mp3 files of music (if applicable).
  • $35 non-refundable application processing fee payable by credit card on the online application.

Jerome Fellowship
Deadline: Nov. 20th
website: https://pwcenter.org/programs/jerome-fellowships

The Playwrights' Center Jerome Fellowships are awarded annually, providing emerging American playwrights with funds and services to aid them in the development of their craft. Four $16,000 fellowships will be awarded in 2015, in addition to $1,500 in development support. Fellows spend a year-long residency in Minnesota and have access to Center opportunities, including workshops with professional directors, dramaturgs and actors.

The Playwrights' Center has awarded these fellowships in partnership with the Jerome Foundation since 1976. Past recipients include Lee Blessing, Lisa D'Amour, Kristoffer Diaz, Dan Dietz, Sarah Gubbins, Naomi Iizuka, Melanie Marnich, Rhiana Yazzie, Martín Zimmerman and August Wilson.

Selection Process
Applicants are screened for eligibility by the Playwrights' Center and evaluated by an initial select panel of professional theater artists; finalists are then evaluated by a second panel of national theater artists. Selection is based on artistic excellence, potential for growth, and commitment to a vital life working in the field. The selection process is guided by the Playwrights' Center's mission statement. The Playwrights' Center does not participate in selection decisions.

Mcknight Advancement Grant
Deadline: Jan. 8th
website: https://pwcenter.org/programs/mcknight-advancement-fellowships
The McKnight Advancement Fellowships recognize playwrights whose work demonstrates exceptional artistic merit and excellence in the field, and whose primary residence is in the state of Minnesota. The fellowship includes:
  • A $25,000 stipend
  • $2,500 to support a play development workshop and other professional expenses
  • $1,400 in travel funds
Past recipients include: David Adjmi, Carlyle Brown, Lisa D'Amour, Barbara Field, Keli Garrett, Jeffrey Hatcher, Melanie Marnich, Gregory Moss, Kira Obolensky, Dominic Orlando, Christina Ham, and Martín Zimmerman.

McKnight National Residency
Deadline: Nov. 13th
website: https://pwcenter.org/programs/mcknight-national-residency-and-commission
Supported by a grant from the McKnight Foundation, this program aids in the commissioning and development of new works from nationally recognized playwrights. Benefits include:
  • A $14,000 commission
  • At least two U.S. round-trip airline tickets
  • Housing during the residency period
  • Up to $5,750 in workshop funds to support the development of the play
  • A public reading of the commissioned play
Past recipients include: Kia Corthron, Kate Fodor, Daniel Alexander Jones, Sibyl Kempson, Craig Lucas, Taylor Mac, Ruth Margraff, Dan O'Brien, Betty Shamieh, Kathleen Tolan, and Mac Wellman.

Saving Endangered Species
Deadline: Nov. 30th
website: http://www.sesprize.com/

Write a ten-minute play about an endangered species.  Go to the World Wildlife Fund worldwildlife.org/species  or CITES cites.org/eng/gallery/species/index.html and choose one or more species (Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Flora & Fauna, or Invertebrates).  The species must be integral to the plot, not just mentioned.  Astonish the audience with the magnificence of the species – take us on an adventure – make us laugh, make us cry, make us weep if they're gone – motivate the audience to save them!
8-10 plays will be selected for a Staged Reading at a California theatre, with an award of $100usd for each play.  Multiple playwrights/Translators on a single play will divide the award equally (unless they request a different division).  The audiences’ “ticket” will be a donation to a specified non-profit Wildlife Conservancy.  There is No Entry Fee.
Entries must be received by midnight November 30, 2015.  Winners and Finalists will be announced by May 31, 2016  via e-mail and on the SES website.  One submission per playwright.  Plays must be in English, or have been translated into English.  SES does not offer critiques.
Plays may be Comedic, Dramatic, or for Young Audiences (performed by adult actors).  No adaptations or musicals.  Maximum  4 actors – no elaborate props, swinging trapezes, or flaming torches, please.
Playwrights must hold the copyright.  Legal clearance of materials not in public domain is the playwright's responsibility.  Previously produced plays are accepted, published plays are not.  Playwrights are obligated to inform SES if their play becomes published after submission.  Plays with any contractual commitments, which restricts SES in any way, are not accepted. SES reserves the right to decide what is restrictive.
Include on the Title page: your name, address, phone number and e-mail – On the 2nd page: cast list, location/time, the endangered species and any playwright’s notes/glossaries.
SES reserves the right to cancel the competition if not enough plays meet the mandate and artistic caliber required for presentation. If canceled, an announcement will be made via e-mail and on the website.
All winning playwrights are invited to the Staged Reading.  Travel and accommodations are not included in the Prize.

InspiraTO 10th Play Festival
Deadline: Dec. 1st
website: http://www.theatreinspirato.ca/create/play

1. This year's creative challenge: The urban jungle. Your play must speak to the urban landscape: The drama must address living, working or growing up in the in the city. It can show the consequences of living in the urban landscape or relationships that develop because of it.

Please note: Mentioning a street or section of a city is not enough if it doesn't effect the drama or if it doesn't address the issue of what it means to live in an urban environment. If we feel that this play can just as well take place in the country or small town we won't accept it. Use your imagination: be bold, be witty, be creative, and challenge us. The story can be a comedy, a drama, a parody, absurd or anything in between.  

The big city environment offers a living and breathing entity that we love to hate or hate to love: harmonious, dynamic, complex, antagonistic, ever-changing, growing and dying, offering endless pleasures for some and never-ending suffering for others. A safe heaven? Or a battlefield? The story is yours.

2. The play must be a ten-minute play. The contest is open to anyone without geographic or age restrictions. You must submit online. Please fill out the submission form below and submit your play by Dec.1, 2014 . There are no fees. Once you submit you will be taken to a page confirming that we have received your submission. You may only submit one play. The cover page should have the title of the play, the playwright's name and the list of characters. The pages should be numbered. The format should be easy to read. We accept previously produced plays (but not plays that have produced in InspiraTO before). The playwright must own the rights to the play up to June 8, 2015 (i.e. the script cannot be owned by a publisher). Any style is acceptable except musicals. We are particularly interested in scripts that aren't afraid to make bold choices: quality writing backed by imaginative staging. Only those playwrights whose plays have been selected will be notified by January 15, 2015.

The plays will be selected by a committee from the Toronto theatre community. If selected, your play will be performed in Toronto, Canada from May 28 - June 6, 2015. Between ten to eighteen ten-minute plays will be selected and performed. 1st Prize: $500 CDN. Should your play be selected for inclusion in the festival, you are giving the non-exclusive right to Theatre InspiraTO to produce and perform the play in the 10th Annual InspiraTO Festival in Toronto (Canada's largest ten-minute play festival), in the May/June 2015. The InspiraTO Festival will find the cast, crew and market your play. Authors retain copyright and full ownership of their plays.

3. Tips on writing. The submission must be a play. A ten-minute play is distinct from a sketch, or a skit; it is a compact play, with a beginning, middle and an end. You need a character facing obstacles in pursuit of some specific goal. You need rising action, conflict, and a climactic moment and your play must tell a complete story.

The Julliard School’s Lila Acheson Wallace Playwright Program
Deadline: Dec. 15th
website: http://www.juilliard.edu/apply-audition/application-audition- requirements/playwrights-program-application-requirements

The Lila Acheson Wallace American Playwrights Program encourages and aids the development of new and diverse voices in the American theater.
Under the direction of Christopher Durang and Marsha Norman the Playwrights Program offers one-year, tuition-free, graduate level fellowships to four writers. Selected playwrights may be invited to continue their studies through a second academic year, thereby completing a total of 52 credits for the two-year fellowship period and earning an Artist Diploma in Playwriting.
Juilliard's Playwrights Program is purposely small and allows the artists to focus on the practical aspects of dramatic writing while at the same time they are encouraged to take advantage of the wealth of resources within Juilliard's walls, and those afforded via the School's prime location on Broadway — the greater New York City theater scene. Students may take any class in the Drama Division and are encouraged to see productions around the city by receiving free or discounted tickets to many events on- and off-Broadway. The essence of the Playwrights Program lies in the weekly master class with the playwright heads focusing on dramatic structure and the cultivation of each writer's individual voice. Twice monthly lab readings of the students' work allow the writers, with the help of Juilliard acting students and alumni, to tackle the practical aspects of creating a new play. In addition, seminars centering on other aspects of the theatrical profession are planned on a quarterly basis. The year's end culminates when students in the playwrights residency present their work to professionals from New York and around the country in a showcase evening. The intention is that these events will create a bridge for these artists between Juilliard and the larger community.

T.Schreiber’s 2015 Freedom Shorts
Deadline: Dec. 1st

This is a call for short plays (10 minutes) that explore freedom. We invite playwrights to consider different manifestations of freedom, including personal, political, religious, historical, romantic, and philosophical. Dramas and comedies are both welcome. We encourage creative interpretations of the idea.
Plays should be in English and submissions from playwrights outside of the US are strongly encouraged.  PLAYS MUST NOT HAVE HAD NEW YORK PRODUCTIONS BEFORE MARCH 2015.
Sets and costumes should be minimal: rehearsal furniture only, nothing that requires specially built pieces. Props should be those items typically found in an acting studio props closet.
We encourage submissions that make creative use of sound and lighting. Live sound (including Foley sound effects) is/are encouraged, as well as any prerecorded sounds or music you imagine being part of your play. We have a wide variety of lighting instruments available (so specials and practicals are okay), although we do not have moving lights or a follow spot. Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2014. Plays will be produced at the Gloria Maddox Theatre at T. Schreiber Studios in March, 2015.
By submitting an entry, you are affirming that you are the sole creator of the play, and entitled to confer performance rights. You further affirm that, if your play is chosen, you will grant performance rights, royalty-free, to the T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre for up to twelve performances during its Schreiber’s Shorts: Freedom Festival March 2015. The play remains the sole property of the playwright.
There is no fee for submission. Please send all scripts in pdf or Word document format to:
tschreibertheatre@gmail.com with the heading “Schreiber’s Shorts” and the name of your play.

Finger Lake Musical Theatre Festival
Deadline: Dec. 1st
Website: http://fingerlakesmtf.com/

Submissions are now open for The PiTCH 2015 at the Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival

The Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival is seeking submissions from musical theatre writers and composers who would like to be considered for inclusion in the fourth season of The PiTCH.

“The PiTCH” is a new works series dedicated to the development of new musicals and their creative teams. The selected teams will spend a week of residency in Auburn, NY – smack dab in the center of wine and lake country – as they immerse in the world of their new musical. The PiTCH provides:
• roundtrip transportation;
• housing for the week;
• a dedicated theatre and staff;
• marketing and advertising assistance;
• audience feedback, Q&A sessions and interactive dialogue;
• tickets and access to our other theaters in operation;
• support and guidance, as needed, throughout the process;
• a beautiful and isolated retreat for your creative team;

Details: Seven projects will be selected for presentation for the 2015 season (June 11 – August 1, 2015).

DEADLINE for SUBMISSIONS: December 1, 2015 by 5pm

For the details and specific submission requirements of THE PiTCH, visit www.FingerLakesMTF.com/ThePiTCH

E-mail: PiTCHsubmissions@FingerLakesMTF.com

To learn more about our dynamic 2015 season and more about the Festival, visit www.FingerLakesMTF.com.

See Change 2042 Playwriting Contest
Deadline: Jan. 5th

It is estimated that by 2042, people of color will make up a majority of the United States population.* With this shift in demographics, the face of America will look and feel different. East West Players is seeking submissions of unproduced new works that explore this new reality and represent and reflect the future of the American landscape.
Subject matter may include biracial or multiracial identity; multicultural experiences; international/transnational connections to America; conflict and collaboration between cultures; American stories with Asian or Asian-American characters in leading roles; or ethnic-specific themes about Asian culture in the United States.
Type of material: Original full-length plays and musicals. If submitting a musical, please enclose a music or song sample. No translations or adaptations. All submissions must be professionally unproduced, unpublished, and with no existing attachments for production.
Award: $5000 First Place; $2500 Second Place; $1000 Third Place. The First, Second and Third Place winners will all receive readings by EWP. All winners will be considered for further workshops and/or production; EWP must have the first option to produce.

Rules for Submissions

Submissions will be accepted electronically only and the submission must include:
  • The online entry form
  • 2 pdf files:
  • - The script (paginated but without your name on it). In this file, also include a title page which lists the title of the play, a 5 sentence or less description of the play, and a list of characters – (again please make sure there is nothing in this file that identifies the author)
  • - A separate title page with the title of the play, your name, address, phone number, email, and a brief bio (optional).
  • A $20.00 entry fee
Other Guidelines:
  1. Plays must be accessible to a primarily English-speaking audience.
  2. Plays should require no more than 7 actors. Musicals should require no more than 12 actors.
  3. The story should be told in less than 2.5 hours including a 15 minute intermission.
  4. Playwrights may submit only one manuscript for this contest.
  5. Plays may not be under option or scheduled for a professional production at the time of submission.
  6. East West Players reserves the right to reject any manuscript for any reason.
Scripts will be judged by a distinguished committee of theatre and industry professionals through a blind evaluation process. Previous judges have included Tony winning playwright David Henry Hwang, playwright Julia Cho, and Carmen Smith (Vice President Creative Development at Walt Disney Imagineering)

Neil LaBute New Theatre Festival
Deadline: Dec. 31st

Submissions will be accepted October 1 through December 31, 2014. Professional Submissions: Successful entries will have no more than four characters and be crafted specifically to exploit our intimate performance space. (18′ x 18′ stage) Changes in scenery or setting should be achievable quickly and with few major set moves. Our focus is on fundamental dramaturgy: plot, character and theme.

Professional, new and previously unproduced one-act play submissions should include a letter of inquiry, a synopsis and a 10-page sample from the script. Running time for each performance should not exceed 45 minutes. Up to Eight plays will be chosen. In addition, a new piece from Mr. LaBute will be performed every night for the run of the festival.

Winning plays by high school students will be presented in readings. The guidelines are straightforward: The one act should include no more than four characters featuring a clearly developed plot and distinctive characters. No longer than 15 minutes in length. Non-Professional, new and previously unproduced one-act play submissions should include a letter of inquiry and complete script.

Submissions should be sent to:
LaBute New Theater Festival, St. Louis Actors’ Studio, 360 N Boyle Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108
For more information: 314-458-2978 or help@stlas.org

Ashland New Play Festival
Deadline: Jan 15th

ANPF's flagship festival is an international playwright competition that culminates in the reading of four new plays culled from hundreds of submissions by a cadre of volunteer readers. This unique and much-loved five-day festival in Ashland, Oregon, features professional actors from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and the community. The event includes rehearsals and two staged readings of each winning play. The winning playwrights receive a $1,000 stipend and local accommodations. There is a $10 submission fee. For details see > submit a script.
  1. Script legibly typed in a standard 8 1/2" x 11" play format
  2. Full-length drama or comedy (total 90-to 120- minute running time)
  3. Previously unproduced
  4. No more than eight characters; no doubling
  5. The submitting author is the sole owner of the copyright of the script
Submissions will be accepted until January 15, 2015.

Yale Institute for Music Theatre
Deadline: Jan. 7th
website: http://drama.yale.edu/YIMT/institute-home

Established in 2009, the YALE INSTITUTE FOR MUSIC THEATRE is a program of Yale’s Binger Center for New Theatre that bridges the gap between training and the professional world for emerging composers, book writers, and lyricists. The Institute seeks distinctive and original music theatre works to be developed in an intensive two-week summer lab at Yale School of Drama. The Institute matches the authors of the selected works with collaborators, including professional directors and music directors, as well as a company of actors and singers that includes professionals and current Yale students. The lab culminates with open rehearsal readings of each project, presented as part of New Haven’s International Festival of Arts & Ideas.
Under the leadership of Artistic Director Mark Brokaw, two original music theatre works will be selected for the 2015 Institute, which will take place June 13–28 in New Haven. Online applications are being accepted now through January 7, 2015, 11:59PM (EST). Click here for more information and to apply.

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