Friday, July 4, 2014

Renowned Glorious King of Excellent Signs (Suparikirtitanamasriraja)

this benediction is a potion
poetry in motion, flowing end-
less devotion to the one.
riding infinity times none
eternity squared with pi
destiny divided by 8
that snaking encircle
of the mysterious why.
who am i?

i am hi-posting, cold-lamping
pimp strut, ho dancing
tip cup, flow vibe'ing
rims up, sun rising.

i am sips of Mississippi
brown deltas of my ances-tree
roots like red ribbons
flung in 7 Sargasso Seas
eclipsed sun continents
w/ sailboats n' clipper ships
piled over from tip to lip
floating fortresses
cruising correctionals
sinking graves

i recite all the rivers
sing green Savannah's
intone cool timbre
symphon'ize Saturn's sierras.
i summon the stars to shine
rope the moon to the tides
cry canvas for the painters
and confess the night sky.

rhapsodize tectonic rocks
2 slip, shift, and pop
seeding the ruptured distress
where flowers flourish
and fruits harvest in her breasts.

rushing to the last words
running to first myself
every pause, a new 'to be.'
I rushed to finish
and the words finished me.

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