Monday, August 12, 2013

Parable of Two Cats (and Epigram of the Orange)

Two cats are hanging out in the alley. A young kitten is chasing his tail furiously and the Old one asks him what he’s doing.

The kitten says ‘well I’ve been to Cat philosophy school’ and I’ve figured it out. There are two things Cats want 1) to be happy and 2) happiness is located directly in the tail. So I’m pursuing my happiness.

The Old Cat says ‘well I haven’t been to school. I’ve mostly picked up what I know from hanging around the street. And I do agree that 1) we all want to be happy and 2) happiness is located in the tail. But I’ve found that if I just live my life, it follows me where ever I go.

When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out. Because that's what is inside. When all animosity is removed from the heart and one is under pressure, no signs of ugliness can come out. Therefore temporary rage or being under pressure is no excuse for doing or saying something harmful. Because all that pressure did was reveal what is inside. 

-Dr. Wayne Dyer

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