Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Edward Snowden and the Importance of Whistleblowers

Some times debate is the most healthy thing to do before pursuing action. In the case of the NSA scandal there seemed to be a lot of outrage followed by a large yawning indifference to do anything. This was concerning to me for several reason. The constant surveillance combined with an increasingly militarized SWAT team police mentality and corporate prisons-for-profit has created the perfect storm to destroy civil rights. America is moving toward a system which monitors and keeps its citizens on edge all the time, merciless beats and punishes them with paramilitary Rambo cops, shackles them with enormous debt, and then earns profit on putting as many people away as possible for as long as conceivable thanks to mandatory sentences.

In a series of videos I finished for Learn Liberty this summer, we wanted to examine the NSA scandal and the broader implications for our society. Fortunately Yeshiva University Professor James Otteson came and served as the expert on these issues.

I wrote and produced these videos. The talented Tafadzwa Chiriga directed and edited, while Angela Cobb was featured in videos with the voice of Professor Otteson.

I'm hoping this is the first series in many that examines these many dangerous facets that have become a part of our normal life so that we can begin to change things for the better.

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