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Qaadir Howard has produced over 350 videos for youtube under the channel name 'Timaya.' These videos showcase his original characters and skits, personal narratives, musical performances, and pop culture commentary. To date, "Timaya" has nearly 85,000 subscribers and 14 million video views. This is the first stage reading of Qaadir's work.

Neil Rhodes has been a fan of Qaadir for four years, after first viewing "Did I just Get Rejected From McDonald's?"After a chance meeting in LA, Neil and Qaadir became fast friends and decided to collaborate on NIGERIA, based on Qaadir's video "I Wish To Give You $250,000,000."

INTERVIEW (w/ Neil Rhodes)

1. What inspired you to write this play?
Qaadir/Timaya's YouTube video entitled "I Wish to Give You $250000000."

2. How has this election been different for you?
This election has challenged me to make a decision about how much I will engage with the political scene going forward.  With a tendency to keep elections and politicians at a distance, I questioned during this campaign whether politicians are truly the con artists I always paint them to be.  How wide is the brush I use to express my disdain for both Republicans and Democrats?

3. As an artist, what do you think your responsibility is politically to your community (or do you think you even have one)?
My responsibility as an artist is only to write down the words in my head.  I trust that the impact of NIGERIA and other plays I will write in the future will be felt, but I have no idea how that will play out.

4. What would it take for you to vote for the other party?
A candidate with a proven track record of honesty and success.

5. What's the most exciting thing about this election being over?
We are now aware of where we stand ideologically.  The lesson, I believe, is that our differences are our strengths - and that there is room enough on this planet for everyone to disagree, believe, doubt, challenge, and coexist.  Differences make us understand ourselves with more clarity if we are open to it.

6. What do you miss about Bush?
He actually had a playful sense of humor, which was fun.

7. Favorite president and why?
Ugh, I don't even know enough to pick one.

8. Any political jokes?
The whole thing is a joke sometimes - a bad one!

9. When did you think you were going to lose it about what you saw on TV, read, or saw (debates or convention)?
When Mitt Romney got that spray tan, I loved it!!!!!  To quote Qaadir, "Hola, como estas and all things of this nature!"

10. What are you looking forward to in 2013?
Another great year with my partner, Brian!




The Decision is a short play reading festival about what happens after the heated election but also where we will be or should be after this November.  This event is a fundraiser for the Limitless Health Institute and to help families affected by the storm and living in shelters supported by Safe Horizon.
Join us in watching a series of funny, incisive, dramatic short theatre pieces. The Decision will feature a series of 10 minute plays written and directed and acted by some of New York's finest artists.

The Three Jewels, NYC61 Fourth Avenue, Third FloorNew York, NY 10003

*Saturday 11/10, 7pm
*Sunday 11/1, 3:00pm
*Monday 11/12, 7:00pm
* *Suggested Donation $10 for Saturday or Sunday/$15 for Monday (All 8 plays)
Email with Sat, Sun, or Mon
in the subject line.  

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