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Matt Vorzimer is a music producer and drummer with over two decades of playing. By the time he was 13 he was playing with his band "STU" at the legendary Fox Theatre in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado. He moved to New York and graduated from New School for Jazz. He composed music for webisodes series like  "MISTER" and this season of the Showtime hit, 'Dexter." He plays a variety of styles and has 4 albums out that can be listened to and purchased on his website. His sound design page is


1. In 'Decisions A Mile High" you created a cabaret piece using electronic music and a monologue. What's the story and what inspired you to jam it out?  
Saturn's Return, is the biggest theme in my life right now. Trying to create newness in my life and find another platform to compliment music, that I could express myself on. Ultimately, writing this was better than just sitting around getting dark on my life. 

2. How has this election been different for you? 
For one, the debates seemed like pure and ironically brilliant theater. Really SNL could have wrote it and I wouldn't have been suprised, was how funny I thought they were. Also, that a third party candidate, like a Nader isn't really present in the race to divide the primary candidates votes, which I think is interesting.

3. As an artist, what do you think your responsibility is politically to your community (or do you think you even have one)?
For me maybe it's more of a duty to deliver clear messages, and be responsible for those, whatever the content be, than it is having the responsibility to be  political. Everything in life has politics that we will never escape. In our everyday work environments, you have politics. In our personal relationships, you have politics. In the things we say about the world there are political undertones. So I think politics is just part of life. But life IS people and people ARE politics. It's just that I value my brothers and sisters in my community so much that ultimately my responsibility is to be available for my community and be of service and to connect with it's members on a true level.

4. What would it take for you to vote for the other party?
 Candidates who run that are down with gays, women's right to choose, and non racist/religious fanatic people who value demographics that are outside of their club of multi-millionaires.

5. What's the most exciting thing about this election being over?  
 Hopefully the absence of Mitt Romney from my everyday life. But depending on which way this goes, I may have to get over that. Let's just hope that accepting Mitt Romney as the leader of my country is not the decision I have to make.

6. What do you miss about Bush?
 The pure entertainment of watching him butcher his speeches and situations in general.  

7. Favorite president and why?
 Clinton. It was a good time for the arts in America. I care about jazz. He was about music and the NEA. Our economy was way better. It was also the first time in my life that I was becoming more politically aware and his whole presidency was an amazing saga that I was there to witness (although i was young) but even crazier to look back on. There is a good documentary I think it's called Clinton about his presidency.

8. When did you think you were going to lose it about what you saw on TV, read, or saw (debates or convention)?
 I almost died laughing when this cat Romney siad something about "binders full of women."

10. What are you looking forward to in 2013? 
Turning art into money.




The Decision is a short play reading festival about what happens after the heated election but also where we will be or should be after this November.  This event is a fundraiser for the Limitless Health Institute and to help families affected by the storm and living in shelters supported by Safe Horizon.
Join us in watching a series of funny, incisive, dramatic short theatre pieces. The Decision will feature a series of 10 minute plays written and directed and acted by some of New York's finest artists.

The Three Jewels, NYC61 Fourth Avenue, Third FloorNew York, NY 10003

*Saturday 11/10, 7pm
*Sunday 11/1, 3:00pm
*Monday 11/12, 7:00pm
* *Suggested Donation $10 for Saturday or Sunday/$15 for Monday (All 8 plays)
Email with Sat, Sun, or Mon
in the subject line.  

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