Sunday, May 29, 2011

Diamond Light On Clear Water

A few days ago I was walking to the bench by the SoBe Marina. I had some time before meeting friends and I decided to review my prayer book, go through some mantras and meditation. The sun was beating down on a clear bay. I took out my camera phone and snapped some pictures.

I was drawn to the view. The light was piercing and spotless, shimmering off the folds of water. The title popped in my head: Diamond Light on Clear Water.

The diamond could be wisdom, perfect and ultimate. The clear water could be my mind. There's still a boat on water and it's not perfectly still. The light can't hold itself still. But it is reflected across the folds of  my mind.

Diamond is often the symbol of emptiness, totally pure, that indivisible object incorporated into all nature of phenomena, whether it be starting or stopping, coming or going, multiplying or subtracting. In all possible actions -and that list covers all of them whether it's birth or death- there is that emptiness which is unchanging. And by looking at and holding that matchless diamond, my mind is imbued with it. I become aware of my mind's emptiness.

I began meditating on this diamond light and imagining my mind as the clear water, trying to still it, less and less. And I felt this enormous ease.

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