Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boston/Miami Game 4: Observations from a fair-weather Heat fan

I actually went to the gym to avoid  game 4 of the Boston/Heat playoffs. I get too emotional and these games ruins my whole day. When I got to the gym there it was on all the TV screens. Normally LA Fitness keeps its channels on MSNBC and E! TV no matter what. I was counting on that and the place being empty b/c everyone would be at home watching. But someone obviously found the channel changer and switched everything to the game. So I did, in fact, watch while on the elliptical machine and doing cardio. People gathered under the TVs. I caught the last 4 or 5 minutes of the nerve wracking game while going uphill on the elliptical.

Then I went to work the chest and said 'oh forget it' and walked back to the TV to catch the last few minutes. Once safely in the tank (Boston really gave up in OT. You could see it on their face at the start of the extra period. They did not want to be there) I returned to my workout.

Bosh was pretty good although I heard he was bad in the first half (which I missed). If Miami had 2 bench players who could chip in 10 ppg they would be unstoppable.

But from a purely objective pt of view I didn't think there was a lot to gloat over. As a basketball observer I saw one team play 60% smart (the HEAT) and another team that was beat-up, old, mentally tired play about 40% smart and make mental errors at the end. Especially Rondo missing a layup, Garnett not setting a pick at the end, and then in the OT period I believe they had 3 straight turnovers. As a Heat fan I was excited but also noting 'gee, Boston is really giving it away.' Now LeBron did step up in places but he still made stupid shots and turned the ball over in THE crucial last set in regulation.

Finally FINALLY Wade/LeBron wised up and realized they could get Bosh a few easy baskets b/c they were keeping the ball solely in their hands. They set him up off an easy pick and roll. Boston had completely forgotten about him and as a Heat fan I was nervous that the Heat had also. Bosh needs to demand at least 2-3 touches in the last few minutes. He really does. This from the wings iso-stuff is so agonizing to watch.

If the Heat actually set their offense and let Chalmers handle the ball in the last few minutes and run the offense they might have won in regulation. They're afraid of Chalmers turning the ball over but Wade and LeBron do that too. So why not let the point guard actually run the offense so Bosh can get the ball or the 3-point shooters can get into the flow?

The Heat won but they really REALLY need to get some points from other areas. I'm afraid this team wins and then throws basketball basics out the window. I hope that doesn't happen on Wednesday. And the 3-pt shooting was terrible as usual. Fortunately they dominated in rebounds (thank GM Danny Ainge. Where can I send your Miami HEAT MVP muffin basket?) Either way I'll be at the gym.

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