Sunday, March 11, 2018

DNC Backbone?

You know the craziest thing? If Trump just STFU on Twitter and released the bland statements, he could still implement all his hideous policies, and have a 60% approval rating. The economy is good for Wall Street, our media is broken and owned by Republican billionaires, white ppl love their Archie Bunker spicy racists, his admin was filled with enough 'Midwestern-looking' Neo-Nazis and Nazi sympathizers to create the illusion of normalcy, and Dems have not come up with one coherent msg to any problem. The DNC's main plan is to wait for Trump to mess up and react to it, thereby letting him control the media cycles under a rigged system that is tilted toward conservative voices. They've been playing that strategy since 2015 when he announced his candidacy.

We didn't lose the election. We lost our values. The un-moored left has no sustaining backbone. It is a gelatinous amorphous body politic. It is a fat floating target that the right-wing pokes and prods at the edges. The left-wing jellyfish squeals and squirms from the occasional outrage or school shooting, but then continues floating on the surface. We have mistaken mobility for motility and assume that because the jellyfish is moving on the currents, it has its own ability to direct itself. But it lacks legs or arms or even a fin. The left-wing blob floats on the tide of news cycles. It can wash ashore on to sands of change or the rocks of right-wing backlash, and squeal the same calculated spineless appeal to all of its flabby far-flung and disparate parts. And this modulated appeal inspires nothing but resentment in its followers and hatred from their enemies. Deep down, allies know that we will see out DACA, blacklivesmatter, or any person of color while appealing for their vote. Therefore the party consciousness is tainted with this awareness that loyalty is a one-way street.

Our greatest fear/hope is the continuing disaster of Trump's mouth, not his bad policies which don't receive coverage, nor a Dem plan that clearly states anything bold: single-payer system, repeal the second amendment or comprehensive gun regulation, forgive student debt, revolutionize America for the new millennium, put a man on Mars, Constitutional amendment to take big money out of politics, Wakanda forever, anything! And this is why -bereft of any msg- the Dems need to make Corey Booker or some POC their Dem nominee for president. It is a cynical move, but one needed to refill the courts with somewhat qualified corporate moderates, and remove Nazis and alt-right creeps from the gears of gov so that we can, at least, continue along a sane downward spiral as a divided nation of echo chambers. The lack of principle in public discourse has reduced both sides to identity politicking backed by corporate sponsors. 

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