Monday, February 12, 2018

72 Hours of Dharma

- on set for a particularly difficult fight scene in new episode.
-Talked with director and actors.
- start writing next episode scenes in empty dressing room.
- volunteer at "Dreams and Lightning" lecture at Lincoln Center.
- post-event clean-up.

- Buddhist holiday prayers in the morning.
- set-up for Buddhist brunch/fundraiser.
- raised $10,000.
- arrange travel for speaker.
- go home and write more scenes for episode.
- set-up for 2nd day of lecture at Lincoln Center.
- post-event clean-up.
- celebratory holiday feast in the late late evening.
- go back home and write scenes until 2am.
- dailies come out. Fight scene looks great.

- revise and send new scenes to script coordinator.
- yoga class.
- meditation class.
- meeting with prospective writer.
- play.
- finish outline for another project.
-get ready for work on Monday.

*relaxing weekend*

"See anything 
brought about by causes
As like a star,
an obstruction of the eye,
a lamp, an illusion,
The dew, or a bubble;
A dream or lightning,
Or else a cloud."
- Last verse of Lord Buddha's "Diamond Cutter Sutra"

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