Wednesday, December 13, 2017

#ThanksBlackWomen and Dem Victories in the South

Dem Doug Jones just won a Senate seat in the deepest red state in America. Dems have won every election in the South this year when they get out the Black vote, esp the vote of Black women. And they've lost every election when they focus their efforts on the "I'm With Her" flipping white women strategy. White women still lead with their race over gender. Even when losing their human rights, they voted in droves for a misogynistic pedophile in Alabama or the inhumane GOP Virginia candidate.

That means that Texas is up for grabs. And Georgia. And Mississippi, and South Carolina. Now imagine if Dems don't just pander for black votes, but have policies that support this new coalition.

Oh, and movies and tv shows about black women have been breaking records too. ("Girl Trip" and "Mudbound" and "Hidden Figures" OWN's "Queen Sugar") In other words in politics, social media, and entertainment, this is a progressive demo that consistently shows up, shows out, pays up, and turns out. When will Hollywood and DC (and maybe even Broadway) start leading with the new wave's strongest group: black women.

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