Monday, September 18, 2017

Sean Spicer and the Monstrosity of Mediocre Men

Hillary Clinton isn't welcome to the table, but Sean Spicer is greeted with smiles and laughter. There ain't nothing more American than white liberals kicking POC, gays, and women to the ground, while giving a wink and a nod to the most hideous and brazen liars. Trump can host SNL in the middle of a campaign geared toward Nazis, Bannon can get a primetime spot on "60 minutes," and Spicer can sit up at the Emmys cheesing for the cameras, but Clinton needs to pull an "Arsenio" and fade away. The clown car of cultural deplorables is holding a parade of death, terror, lies, and idiocy on your street and in your phone.

There is unrest in St. Louis, cops are literally bragging about killing people and then doing it, and voting rights are actively being suppressed for black people in order to destroy one of the pillars of our democracy...but it's all good b/c Spicer is a goofball Nazi sympathizer who looks like the lost member of "The Little Rascals." ESPN's Jemele Hill needs to apologized and be fired for calling Trump a racist on her private Twitter account, but Trump can physically threaten Clinton and laugh it off. Chelsea Manning is a traitor, but Sean Spicer is just a lovable, naughty boy who can't help himself. Kathy Griffin needs to be condemned for taking a picture, but the Trump campaign can spend a year directly talking about assassinating Clinton or torturing her in Guantanamo, and then these people are brought into the White House for drinks. And 53% of white women think that being 'shrill' is more destructive than being a racist, raping, lying, treasonous, money-laundering famemonster.

Intersectionality is a motherfucker. 


Taza in Tucson said...

I have been searching for the author of this piece! I like to give credit if I quote things. Are you the author? May I share?

Aurin Squire said...

Yes, I am the author and you can definitely share.