Tuesday, October 4, 2016

VP Debate and Reaction

Quick reaction to VP Debate:

I am watching Mike Pence, who claims to be a man of faith, lie dozens of times. Straight up. There's no gray area. These are flat-out lies and falsehoods and he's cool. Unblinking. Talking about his grandpappy or some dead dude who was folksy and covered in sepia-toned goodness. It's kind of amazing. He's 'winning' on style points because whatever appalling thing Trump has said or done in his well-documented campaign is shrugged off with 'didn't happen, not true.' And I wonder about people like Pence more than Trump who I just pass off as a con artist. I wonder about people like Pence whose values are so easily tailored into whatever fashion fits the cruelty of men. I wonder about people who go beyond fibbing and become bold. Not just public liars who are covering up for a mistake, but liars in service of things that will do great harm to many people, cause poverty and violence, wreck lives, deny people medical coverage and -therefore- led to thousands of deaths, and I wonder what they're thinking?

When Republicans say things like 'global warming isn't real' they know that there's going to be no ice in the arctic within our lifetime, right? They know there's going to be no fish in the ocean in less than 100 yrs, California is going through a super drought expected to last for 40 yrs and the earth is the hottest it's been in 100,00 years. They know that we're driving human civilization as we know it off a cliff of extinction due to greed and lying to low-information humans. We will cease to exist as a species because of our lies and greed. And all of these thoughts are condensed down into that confident, cool white smile.

And I just wonder what men like Pence must be thinking behind it all? Do they see their grandchildren when they speak? Do they see their sepia-toned ancestors getting abused by cool-talking, wealthy men with straight teeth? Or do they not think at all? Do they have to kill that part of the brain which conjures up such questions and live in the hollowed-out husks of their humanity?

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