Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump and the Debates

Trump is the result of the Republican party efforts, not the exception. He talks incoherently, has no real policy, and fearmongers his way through any discussion. In tonight's debate, it was clear how little he actually had to say and how anemic our political process has become. 

The sad thing is that one-half of our two-party system has created a propaganda infrastructure to blatantly and consistently lie and bait the American public on their fears, stall all government procedures, pillage national assets, and create wars to acquire materials that go toward enriching the already sheltered and ungodly class of wealthy oligarchs. And then they find likeminded candidates on every level who are capable of selling things they know do not work and -in some cases- kills people for short-term profit. In short, it's a con game that depends upon constantly shifting and misdirecting people's anger toward new targets every year. Yes, this is the Republican party. In almost every single policy issue -economics, gun violence, income inequality, environment, defense- we have one party which practices the most Orwellian tactics of confusing an undereducated population of people and then finding a fear-trigger to get them to act irrationally. I'm not saying 'you have your opinion and i have mine.' I am saying that every Republican policy implemented has had catastrophic consequences on the avg person. Statistically. Trickle-down economics, getting rid of gun control, deregulating every gov oversight board, waging the war on drugs, reducing rehabilitation and treatment in favor punishment, destroying unions, privatizing utilities, increasing pollution of water and air. And this happens nationally, state, local and for every single facet of policy. Trump is merely the 40 yr nadir of repacking the same awful greed and destructive hate as patriotism and christianity. And the biggest lie is still the first one this nation: race. When Trump talks about inner cities without any awareness of the conservative policies that were created solely to isolate, disenfranchise, and kill its inhabitants he is speaking from the slickest and most pernicious form of American racism. He cares about the inner cities as much as I care about Xanadu. It's merely a way of speaking to racist whites who are blind to the systemic re-enforcement of their bias. When he mentions roving gangs of violent illegal immigrants, he is embracing the white fragility of supremacists who both claim to be evolutionarily better than others but at the same time are so delicate that they must be shielded from hordes of brown bodies. He is speaking in a way to justify white people's bleak view of black and brown life and communities: hellish, unbearable, and having nothing to do with whiteness. He is speaking to America's original sin without ever acknowledging the causes and just jumping to the worst-case nightmares in white people's imagination.

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Mildred said...

Well, there are none so blind as s/he who will not see.

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