Thursday, August 4, 2016

Scandal Monsters and Right-Wing Delusions

Oliver North accused Obama of bending over to the Iranian administration because the US sent money to Iran under an pre-signed agreement. Oliver North: the man whose name is synonymous with Iran-Contra, arguably the biggest illegal arms scandal in our nation's history that gave weapons to, wait for it...Iran! And this has been the surreal MO of the Republican party, which is to accuse the other party of doing the very thing they are intentionally and illegally doing. You get Oliver North, a disgraced officer involved with Iran, to accuse the Obama admin of being corrupt for following through on an agreement. They accuse Clinton of Benghazi conspiracy and launch 7 investigations which all find her innocent b/c the Congress rejected the State Department's request for more security in the embassies and consulates around the world. They obsess about Dems making the country weaker when the largest terrorist attack in our nation's history happened under a snoozing Republican president who received several warnings about a major attack and was literally caught reading a freaking children's book on TV when he heard the news...and he sat there, panicked, and had to be guided up from his tiny chair and out the door to go do his job. They accused Acorn of rigging the elections when Republicans are passing laws in each state to rig the elections by making it harder for Blacks and Latinos to vote. Conservatives say 'blue lives matter' and then consistently try to undercut policemen and firemen's pay and blue lives only matter when they're killing black people on camera. And 45% of the country (and over 60% of working class white people) vote for this. They are being lied to in such a strong and surreal way that they can't even accept the depth and detail of the deep con being played on them.

We wait and wonder if the next scandal, the next act of incompetence, the next Trump moment, the next audacious litany of lies will be the breaking point or at least wake people up from the irrational and 100% fictional bubble they live in. They drink lead-contaminated water, breathe coal-dusted air, watch their unions get eviscerated by conservative politicians while they scream about executing a citizen who has dedicated her life to healthcare, child care, equal pay for all. Love trump hates. But hate is like a bad drug that a lot of people can't kick, even when it's killing them. They keep looking for the target to hate, they keep contriving the next Clinton scandal.

For the record there was never a Whitewater scandal. It was a bad real estate deal. Nor was there a Travelgate scandal. A new incoming president let go a few people in his own White House. Nor was there Vince Foster scandal, Benghazi scandal, or email scandal. The Clinton have been the most investigated couple in our nation's history and the biggest thing they have come up with in the last 20 yrs was 1) Bill Clinton lied to hide an affair 2) Hillary Clinton using a private email server like her previous two predecessors who were Republican-appointed Secretaries of State 3) Secretary Clinton sending 4 classified emails on private server which was really 1 because 3 of the emails were incorrectly labeled as classified. One email out of 33,000. And yet a record number of people trust her less than a man who has been involved in over 3,000 lawsuits, knowingly ripped off families, didn't pay contractors who completed work for him, smears war heroes like John McCain and the Khan family, claims Mexicans have a penchant for being rapists and murderers, wants to ban Muslims from entering the US, and has shady ties to a Russian dictator running a kleptocracy that kills its own citizens with impunity.

A monster has been created through a bad habit. And we keep having to face this same demon again and again, during every election. I'm hoping Trump will inadvertently slay this beast of delusions. 

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Mildred said...

It has begun to create surreal conditions in my own mind.