Monday, June 20, 2016

Hardworking Me

Do you think you're a hard worker?

My trainer caught me off-guard with this question because I was so exhausted from dragging a sled of weights across the gym floor. I gasped for breath..


Then I added an addendum after a few moments...

In comparison to others...yes, probably. 

But usually I don't compare my performances to others. I only juxtaposition my 'now' with what I did before and what I'm trying to do. So the question of 'being a hardworker' is a moot point. I'm only as good as my last session, my last written page. And every moment is an opportunity. I've had some bad sessions and written some atrocious pages. And then I have had good moments. But there isn't a hard-working or lazy 'me.' There isn't a smart writer or a fraudulent hack. Only this time right here. 

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