Thursday, April 14, 2016

NYC Memento: Bernie, Beckett, and Bump

I was going to an evening of Beckett shorts at NYU and ran into an enormous Bernie Sanders rally. Swarms of protestors, students, supporters engulfed Washington Square Park and the surrounding streets. Cops shut down entire sections, barricades were everywhere as Tim Robbins rocked the mic, stirring the crowd into roars of 'Ber-nie.' I got to the theatre lobby and saw Salman Rushdie and John Turturro chatting it up before going to take their seats. The 3 Beckett plays were NOT I, FOOTFALLS, ROCKABYE and the audience was warned that they would take place in complete darkness with 3 minute intervals of meditative silence between them. The mythological red mouth in NOT I was like a flickering candle floating around in darkness. FOOTFALLS was about the worries of humanity pacing out the time with steps and thoughts, and in ROCKABYE the pendulum of time is the one setting the pace, IT (or THOU) is the one talking and rocking the life out of a dying soul. Upstairs I am aware that a crowd is roaring for the rock concert of change while I'm down here with the old folks watching these plays about infinite blackness of time and space swallowing up our music. Strange parallels. Oh, and someone left a dime bag of cocaine on the backseat of my taxi. NYC moments!

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