Thursday, December 31, 2015

Kuumba in 2015

6th Day of Kwanzaa is Kuumba: creativity. Rather than partying, this is usually the day I review the past year, writing out what principles and goals set month-by-month. No emotions, no beating myself up or praising my talent. But just an numerical look at the year. I picked up this habit from my parents and it has been very effective in achieving academic, artistic, career, and spiritual goals. Planning happens not only by looking forward, but by reviewing past steps with the clarity of an accountant. In 2015 I wrote 6 plays, finished 30-page poetry collection, published 3 poems, graduated from Juilliard, freelance reported for four different media outlets (Talking Points Memo, The New Republic, Take Part, and Fusion), had 3 plays published as books, 2 plays published in magazined, two London productions, Royal Court residency, NNPN workshop at Kennedy Center, finished Dramatists Guild fellowship, workshop production at BAX, reading at National Black Theatre, staffed on a TV show, and finished screenplay. I applied for approximately 160 contests, fellowship, TV jobs, and journalism opportunities. I got positive responses from about 20 organizations. And I got the gig in 12 instances out of 160. That's either a 92.5% failure rate... or a 7.5% rate of 2015 success. Last year's rate success was 6.7%. The sweet spot is usually between 6-8%. Here's to a productive 2015 in numbers but also in quality. And may 2016 stay in the sweet spot of success for everyone! Kuumba!!

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