Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ode to Jetblue

Wonder of reason
We stroll and flounce,
Prance and joke,
Down the aisle
Where I don't have to turn
To proceed to my place,
Throne in the sky.
I place my tuckus
On wide cushions and feel
...almost human.
Other domestic airlines
Make us feel like
corpulent Mounds.
Gelatin squeezed back
Into toothpaste container.
They say it's the progress.
The future?
Disease dump of wall st
Festering fuckers...ahem,
I am sorry Diva Blue,
I lost myself, but I am back.
Back in your wings of love.
You did charge me for my bag,
which was kinda shitty.
But I can't stay mad acchu'
When I want to roll
my face in your seat.

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