Thursday, August 6, 2015

Baked Apple and Sugar Cravings

Me:  I have a sugar craving.
Mom Why don't you bake an apple?
Me (looking up wikihow): Okay I have to pre-heat oven, core apple...
Mom: We don't have any baking apples so just use this small one.
Me: ...Stuff apple with raisins...
Mom: We don't have raisins, but use the blueberries.
Me (using blueberries): Okay I need to sprinkle sugar on top.
Mom: We don't have any sugar.
Me: I found some brown sugar (expired).
Mom: How long do you have to bake it? hour.
***one hour later***
Me: You know...I don't even have a sugar craving any more. Apple tastes good though. 

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