Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It Was a Good (Auspicious) Day

I woke up this morning and set up my altar. After finishing my sadhana meditation, I went to yoga class. At the end of the session I was feeling lighter and tired. I came home, showered, and looked after my Dad for a while. I decided to go to store to pick up a photo album when I received a call from Original Works about publishing "To Whom It May Concern," a full-length two-hander I completed several years ago. As I was finishing up the call, I got a call from a new short story company. I called them back and we had a great conversation. After that I went on Facebook and saw that my name was tagged in a Dramatist Play Service new anthology of short plays, and one of the works included was mine. This all happened in two hours.

I went to South Beach meeting and struck up a conversation with someone who noticed my jewelry. The pendant I wear around my neck is the Tibetan symbol for 'AH' which is used to represent the throat chakra. He began speaking about his training in Tibetan Bon religion. We exchanged our experiences and he told me about Tibetan Dream Yoga and the use of the 'AH' as a red four-point flower at the level of the vocal chords. As we walked back to our respective cars, we vowed to meet again and noticed that in the entire parking lot, our vehicles were right next to each other. I drove over to Magnum, the gay piano bar off Biscayne Boulevard and met up with a few friends for an hour, and then headed home.

I'm reflecting on this day of auspicious goodwill and syncretized spirituality in so many different areas. I guess the emotion I'm feeling is gratitude.

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Congratulations !