Tuesday, May 19, 2015

For Jonas and the Ether

For earth, wind, fire, water are the four elements. 
For once we banished the fifth we stopped 'knowing' in its tracks.
For ether is the errant essence exiled by science.
For the ethereal cosmic dust
For black matter and zodiac beasts
For the spinning spirits that enshroud this blue sphere.
For ether is the fifth and forgotten element. 
For prayers to your ancestors
For quanta, for relativity, for karma
For that thing that drives the elements is ether.
For your birthday go to some place quiet
For your soul, get away and think about this.
For your friends and family depend on this contemplation
For we live errant and incomplete
For time will past too quickly
For this brutal and short life.
For your birthday Jonas, I wish you the fifth
For our lives are filled with four.

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