Monday, March 16, 2015

15 Cliches

"At the end of the day
good looks fade,
but smarts last a lifetime,"
as my American as apple pie Mom
sets the dessert on the window sill.

"A stitch in time saves 9 but
the early bird catches the worm so
get up, get out, get into, get involved.

"Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud
of flower power as we make love not war.

"There's no use crying over spilled milk
but dead men don't cry. They don't tell
any stories either.

"If you follow the money
and put it away for a rainy day
of watching pennies, so the dollars
make sense.

"Fight the power and the man
will always trying to keep you down.

"The roof, the roof, the roof
is on fi-yah as #blacklivesmatter.
But I can't breathe as these Nazi stormtroopers
jackboot thugs trample on my freedoms,
it's my right as an American to stay
suited, booted, and ready to get executed.

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