Sunday, February 8, 2015

new testaments

High as a Himalayan.
performance enhancing pills
syringe syncopated shots praying
over spinning gold tops
like disc jocks
and when the record skips
the zombies moonwalk
cross craters of California concrete
and  sidewalks have got stars under yr feet
cuz our eyes only look down
at gold sprayed names r 4 elites
because we don't recognize
our inheritance in ribcaged beats.
and the sharp treble ancestors cries
our names were written.
tagged in the sky.

RPMs of the 365 days
revolving round groove and black tie
events where the music plays
n' btwn the needle's sunrise.
Revolution's evolutionary
progression is 2 cause and seek
2 create more aggression
cause the music needs the drum line
of 12-gage shotgun impression.
Nowadays these dayglo designer
stayed glued 2 their grindr,
Tinder reminders
of circumferential situations
circumstantial collaborations
show me what u working w/
what's ur GPS situations?
And it's 1 small step 4 man
1 giant leap on2 greasy throbbing thought
erectile dysfunctional philsophies
ejaculating raw hypothesis
into bareback brains
gifting sexually transmitted proofs
of how the Egyptians raised the roofs
on tetrahedral cathedrals
amidst Hebrew upheavals
cuz slave rebellions and insurrections
red sea parts like chapters
in Alex Haley's Roots, our oppression
bloody leaves drip suggestions
that the life after
is the real heaven.
And they say master's whip
is just a test,
lashing sound like meter stressed
and this will make a good song
ur suffering is blessed
so smile, shake, twerk
while i stack pyramid profits
like pharaohs: i play while u work

simulated slave rebellions
surround sound IMAX HD,
of these midnight PEDs.
high as the himalayas
my mind 20, 000 ft above sea level
but my soul 100 yards down w/ devil
and my hands train like che rebel
turning tricks different times
like they're tidal charts
words laid on a mirror like white lines
this new testaments of art.

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