Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Tonight I walked into a cloud of bliss. I’m fortunate to be in a phase where I have a lot of projects, work, surrounded by creative souls, but two weeks ago an odd ailment struck my stomach and caused enormous pain whenever I drank or ate anything. I had to exist in a state of semi-starvation in order to avoid this blistering agony. And all the projects and work faded from the foreground. It was all just background noise, insignificant pleasantries. For a week I truly understood how amazing it is to have just good health. More than a Grammy, an Oscar, a Pulitzer, it was so clear how just simple, good health of waking/sleeping, eating, good bones, good nerves, functioning body parts is one of those unsurpassable priceless gifts. And suddenly today I'm walking down the street and I realize that everything has returned to 'normal.' I can focus without pain, meditate without discomfort, I have been granted a reprieve to live to the fullest. Maybe that phantom ailment (triggered by wheat) was a gift. I was walking around in the rain tonight, giddy and lit up like Christmas.

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