Saturday, June 7, 2014

Old Woman in My Head

Her teeth fell into her soup
"Gotdamnit to hell Good Lord!"
unfurled Panegyric plangents
twanging the twi'lit nimbus
as she fished white choppers from stew.

The kippered shriveled orifice
twisted like a hank of flesh
Black rheum gravid with ribaldry
swallowing white dentition.

"Wearing me to a frazzle!"
this shilly shallying life,
anger and acquiescence
appall and appeasement
lit recividist revelry
cigarette's lissome pale reeds
tumbled silver blue trellis'es
quivering hieratics
spelling out her life in smoke.

"Let's get whisky stinky!"
she blessed her meal in rapture
and flung the damp paper bowl
in her wake and to nirvana.

Gray decanters clanged on plastic taiga
brown gulches in styrofoam
 filled to the stippled tip
invoking the Dionysus
she petitioned for dice luck,
and whor'ish nights of passion.
Appealed for sharpshooter's aim
employ gravedigger's wisdom.

"Our father who art in heaven
shoot 'em six, roll 'em seven."

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Owa said...

Wordsmithery, eh?