Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: Numerology and Tarot Cards

At the end of 2012, I was having dinner with a few friends, one of whom happened to be a numerologist.

Oh, do Aurin! Do Aurin!

She did me. The numerologist asked for my birthdate and a few other statistics. She did the 'math' in her head and foretold that 2013 was going to be a busy year. The word was going to be work.  But I had also been 'done' a month prior to this chance encounter. In November 2012 I met up with a group of friends; one of them was into tarot card readings.

Oh, do Aurin! Do Aurin!

So she did me too. She forecasted an up-and-down 2013, with a slow and financially arduous first few months followed by a boom around May and continuing throughout the rest of the year.

The results of both forecasts were pretty accurate. 2013 was filled with work, but the financial stuff kicked in over the last 6 months.


1. BEACH!!!
Enjoying the last week of beach time in Miami before heading back to NYC.

2. "Holocaust Remembrance Project"
My first performing gig in years. I acted and dramaturg'ed an ensemble piece honoring the 80th year since the end of the Holocaust.

HRP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgWpOEuI8z0&list=FL23sf7zvQIKOzxezIT-Ffbg

3. African Americana
I wrote a short comedy that went up in a weekend festival at BAX

4. Evil Twink/Mister
The last of a series of videos I wrote and produced for MISTER was released this month

5. AmeriKids/Limitless Health Institute
Started a 6 month volunteer program between AmeriKids, Limitless Health Institute, and Be Do Fly. The program culminated in a performance at Nuyorican Poets Cafe with teenagers from Amerikids writing and performing their own work.


 I wrote a short play that went up at Barrington Stage Company. It gave me the opportunity to see Pittsfield, MA and visit BSC

The play sparked a lot of great conversation and was later taped Play Cafe, a public TV show in Williamsburg.


I got the opportunity to serve as a dramaturg and associate producer on "Rwanda," the second concert in the Holocaust Remembrance series.


Back in Miami on the beach. Writing and thinking.


The third Remembrance project I dramaturg'ed was about the on-going crisis in Darfur.


1. "Freefalling" and Fiat Lux
I get the news that "Freefalling" won the Fiat Lux Prize from the Catholic Church. I'm invited to attend the Catholic Church Theatre conference next month.

2. Amerikids and Nuyorican Poets
Amerikids concert written and performed by the kids. A culmination of 6 months of volunteer work, planning, and coordination.


1. Learn Liberty
I get a trial-run producing job with Learn Liberty. Greenlit to write/produce 3 videos on the NSA Scandal and Edward Snowden.

2. Hansberry & Baldwin: finish co-writing historical drama about meetings with Lorraine Hansberry, James Baldwin, and Robert F. Kennedy in 1963.


1. Juilliard Playwright Fellowship
I find out that I got into the Lila Acheson Wallace Playwriting Fellowship.

2. NSA Scandal: Pt. 1
First in a series of videos I wrote and produced went out on Learn Liberty.  The topic was about the NSA Scandal and how our individual liberties are under attack.

3. NSA Video Pt. 2: Edward Snowden

4. reading of "Hansberry & Baldwin" for producers at Guthrie Theatre

Miami, beach, family.


1. Start at Juilliard

2. Named Red Shirt Entertainment's resident playwright

3. "Defacing Michael Jackson" selected for workshop production in November
- rewrite
- contracts and logistics

4. NSA Videos: Pt. 3

4. Holocaust Remembrance Project: Trail of Tears
I dramaturg the fourth project about the "Trail of Tears."

5. "Obama-ology"
 Wrote dark comedy about working on the campaign trail.

6. "A Collection of Miracles"
Finished rough draft of spiritual comedy about quantum physics and healing.

Completed rough draft of multimedia piece


1. going into rehearsals for "Defacing Michael Jackson"

2. sign with Paradigm Talent Agency


1. "Defacing Michael Jackson"
Workshop production gets some good reviews. Good times.

2. greenlight to write/produce web series "Generation Debt" for Learn Liberty


Fifth Holocaust Project goes up at Nuyorican Poets Cafe

2. "Generation Debt" shoot

3. BEACH!!
Back in Miami for family, friends, and quiet time.

4.  Buddhist Tarot
A friend gives me an impromptu Buddhist Tarot Card Reading for 2014. I got the forecast. We'll see what happens!

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