Saturday, September 7, 2013

Everything Will Be On Time (unlike this Prophecy)

Background: My friend is doing an "Oracle" exhibit in Germany based around prophecies for the future. I wrote a few prophecies to be handed out to audiences. I did not meet my deadlines, but they were forgiving.

EVERYTHING WILL BE ON TIME (unlike this Prophecy)

All things are relative and no facts are ultimate. The two most transient things in our world are time and space. It is no coincidence that as our universe appears to expanding, time seems to be speeding up. In fact, today’s time is nothing like your parents or even grandparents. The measurements have changed and humanity’s energy toward this ephemeral thing has become more rapacious. We devour our time and, in turn, time will devour us.

  • Time will be reduced to fragments of a scintillas broken off from second. Even the most backward and “Italian” of places will be forced into greater efficiency of time and space. We will reach the end of wandering unknowing and the beginning of efficient, punctual madness. Some examples of this exciting new frontier include:

  • Children will be uploaded into college level courses by the time they can wobble up on their atrophied legs to declare independence.

  • mothers will go from postpartum depression disorder to empty nest syndrome by their second cup of coffee.

  • Buddhas will blink themselves in and out of existence like dying light bulbs.

  • Traffic jams will take place over half-seconds, with horns blaring at outrageous setbacks within their minute of life.

  • Operas and the entire collected works of Shakespeare will be conducted and completed within the 180 seconds allotted for commercial breaks.

  • People will pack these scintilla-seconds with a dazzling, stupefyingly dense layer of information that will be projected directly on to the eye’s iris to be downloaded with diuretic  intensity into the cerebral cortex, which will float in electrified plasmic pools of time. These gelatinous substances will occasionally leak out of the edges of our eyes when people experience a loss of something un-nameable but that which science will label as ‘inefficiency.’
  • During times of ‘inefficiency’ leaks, we will have data blasted into our eyes until the leakage stops. The surface of the eye will resume placid tranquility of unblinking intake.
  • Our madness will be punctual and efficient and, therefore, won’t be seen as madness at all. Rather, these spontaneous moments will be considered 'epileptic creativity.' Each person will be allotted one moment of 'EC' during the day, to be executed in a free scintilla-second.
  • If 'EC' is not used it can be 'banked' and saved up for the holidays. 

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