Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dreams of Dance

I finished "How Yoga Works" by Geshe Michael Roach last night. It was around 2 am of a long day of talking, meeting, and infusing the dharma in everything. I drifted off to sleep feeling light and serene.  The dreams began flowing to me in snippets. Now awake, I can't tell if it was one long dream or a series of vignettes.

I dreamed of animals being kept in the underground subway tunnels. In particular I had an image of deer living in the subway tunnels that would sprint away when oncoming trains would appear.

There was another vignette in which I was walking up these long stairs to different floors. I was seeing people. It was an office cubicle/living space and the walls were glass so you could see right through. I walked through the hallways and the rooms were packed with various people eating, watching TV, playing games.

But the most visceral dream vignette was about dancing. I was home in a luscious, wood-paneled apartment with high Gothic ceilings. It was dark and I lit a red candle on top of melted white wax in a glass container. Suddenly a guy enters with red hair. He's apparently my roommate. I have done something wrong because I apologize. Perhaps I shouldn't have lit the candle.  For some reason my roommate reveals to me that he knows voodoo. I say that I've been running into a lot of voodoo people recently.

I ask him to show me his magic skills. He sits down with the red candle and begins doing some chanting while I walk into the next room and prepare. I crouch with cross-legs (like a ballerina about to spring into a leap). All of sudden I'm dancing, spinning and moving. The dancing becomes more acrobatic. I find myself leaping off the bookshelves, dancing on the sides of the walls.

I am laying in bed having this dream and -at the same time- I can feel my heart beat racing in the bedroom while I sleep. Since I'm having such a good time, I consciously make a decision to go back into the dream and leave my sleeping body. Shrouding my body is an energy field. It's a green light and my body is coated in it with this strong auric field that is a bit heavier than air but much lighter than water. I know that it's a certain special power. I can feel it because I can't break out of it. When I dance this green coat of light moves me. And then it starts throwing me up in the air. I'm aware that -at this stage in the dance- this isn't my body. It's almost entirely the green field of energy moving and my body is being carried like a goldfish in a plastic bag.

I finish my dancing with a leaping flourish. My roommate doesn't look to pleased. I thank him and say that he must be 'truthful' in his magic claims. He frowns and says he could do better. I'm incredulous but anticipate what that 'better' may mean.

My dreams continued all night. I was walking to the subway along with several other people under highway tunnels. I was going up and down stairs. There was a feeling of journey and exploration.

When I awoke my mind was buzzing but my body felt rested. I laid on the side of the better and began doing breathing exercises and some basic yoga poses. A new day.

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