Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In Defense of Scientology (WHAT?!?)

I found a copy of The New Yorker on a subway bench and began flipping through it to discover a massive investigative piece of Scientology. I made my way to a party and a few of my friends were talking about this story and I've run into a few more people who have been shocked by reporter Lawrence Wright. The article's entrypoint is director Paul Haggis's defection from Scientology due to their perceived support of the gay marriage ban in California. Wright then goes on to track all the horror stories of Scientology, the defectors, the requests that people isolate from their family, the abuse within the ranks.

I read the article and found myself beginning to develop a very strong negative response to Scientology. Later on I found myself thinking negatively about the leaders of Scientology. Then at a dinner party I said a few words, in an almost-backhanded way about Scientology. The second the words left my mouth I felt incredibly stupid. Definitely breaking bodhisattva vows, in the most stupid and obvious way.

I have no idea about Scientology, nor do I seek to investigate. But if a faith or philosophy is helping people, then I should leave it ALONE. This is something I should know better by now. And this is why I stay away from most reporting and stories about religions.

The aspects of Scientology apparently helped some of these artist become very successful and has sent positive effects out into the world. There's no point in destroying something I don't know, any every benefit to praise the positive effects it has had for millions.

The ignorance has to stop and it stops with me.

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